Afyon University and ZAAS collaborated on the renewal of the student cafeteria. UniMeydan meaning “the University Center” was the concept chosen for the recreational building in Afyon Kocatepe University. Project was to propose of a corporate identity approach for UniMeydan and come up with an interior design concept within the extents of a very limited budget for the existing student cafeteria in the ground floor of this recreational center.

As a result of the inefficient use of the existing enclosed areas and the weak character of the space, it was found out that students who were staying in the student houses were not passing time here. Thus the challange was to turn this space into an attraction point by a few but selective interventions, sticking to the limited budget and the program.

Together with the need to maximize the sitting areas, the hip atmosphere that had been aimed, was achieved by designing various social and gathering areas for students and thus setting up a more dynamic area. Positioning the sitting units perpendicular to the plaza and the food counter, in other words reorganizing the sitting plan enabled a better a view for each table and improved the circulation.


In this way, the visual connection between spaces was expanded and the inner space could enjoy the  outer plaza. Pendant sphere lamps of different heights which replaced the current fluorescent lighting, contributed to the contemporary and dynamic language of the space.

Unlike the current overwhelming use of red color and careless images that were mounted on the signboard before us; cafeteria counter and this signboard on its top part were taken as a design element that had to be creative and spark an interest in the students.



 Current food counter panels were replaced with white painted linear wooden slats complying with the proposed architectural language.