45 m2 Renovation

2017, İstanbul

Client: Şebnem & Levent Kesen

Location: Istanbul I Turkey

Program: Furniture design, Interior design & Construction

Year: 2017

Size: 45 m2

Status: Built

Team: Ayça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı, Ömer Aksakal, Burak Yıldırım

Photography: Ayça Taylan

Design within constraints: Transformation story of a 45 m2 flat in a skyscraper 

The interior design of this 45 square meter flat in a skyscraper in Ataşehir is planned as a conversion for a couple with one child who lives abroad and stays in Turkey for a couple of months every year.

Limited budget required keeping the electrical panel in its original position and leaving bathroom and kitchen as they are. Besides the facade with two and a half meter wide window from which living and sleeping areas had to receive light; the angular form of the plan on one side was another important restriction where the aim was to use the limited space in the most effective way possible.

A separate bedroom for the parents and a sofa bed for the child in the living area were the requests coming from client’s part. In order to gain a living and eating area as spacious as possible, parents’ bedroom was planned at the back side. A wide inner window was an important feature in the design that would enable the gained bedroom to receive light and also through which Istanbul panorama would become a ‘frame in a frame’.

Given the restraints of the form of the flat and after the anaylsis of the storage needs for the family who would visit their hometown with big luggages every year, the area that remained on the angular side of the plan was designed as a storage space: cabinets with 75 cm height that could be opened from the upper part. The top part of this storage zone would also become the tv watching, reading and play area for the child. A visual continuity that extends throughout the space was achieved thanks to the upper surface of the storage that continued towards the bedroom and turned into a study table. Dining table, tv stand, coffee tables, night stands and all of the cabinets were designed and custom-made in modest ways in order to create furniture which perfectly fits in the space rather than narrowing it.