Empera Headquarters

2017, Gaziantep

Client: Empera Halı

Location: Gaziantep / Turkey

Design: ZAAS & Yerce Mimarlık

Program: Office building design and landscape design

Year: 2016 - 2017

Size: 2500 m2

Status: In construction

Team: Nail Egemen Yerce, Ayça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı, Çağrı Okur, Barış Çağlar, Melike Kavalalı

Lighting Consultant: Lighting Lab.1 – Faruk Uyan

Construction: Yaşar Yapı, Cihan Eralp Yapı Endüstri


Project was to design the headquarter building of Empera, one of the biggest companies that manufacture machine-woven carpets in the southeast of Turkey. The Project site is on the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ*) in Gaziantep, a special zone planned to gather the companies which work in the industrial field, offering them infrastructure facilities. Headquarters were to be positioned in front of their manufacturing factory.

Setting was composed mainly of moorlands, less dense buildings with respect to the city, mainly factories and their administrative buildings. Despite the location of the project being in the organized industrial zone (OIZ*) and the weakness of contextual references; the buildings found at the site, natural landscape in the setting, climate, identity of the brand and the user needs were the data that shaped the design. 

While the reception, design and operation offices were planned on the ground floor, first floor was to host the administrative offices. Second floor was planned for the showroom usage, while the third floor accommodated the common social areas: cafeteria, lounge area, meeting zone, play area and the terrace.

Taking into account that open office life may become intrusive certain times on the private space of the employees, the main aim in the interior design was to achieve a balanced separation within a certain degree of transparency between the administrative offices on the first floor and between the departments on the ground floor; while providing enough sunlight to each room and benefiting from the encircling panorama. Thanks to the outdoor pots integrated in the design, people living-working in the building could relate to the plants, enjoying the view at the same time. This relation, being firstly in visual terms could expand to tactile dimension through the windows. While the partially suspended ceilings that only hide the mecchanical installations instead of fully covering ones were planned for spacious interiors; comfortable working areas, social gathering points and built-in cabinets for efficient use  were carefully designed.

Inspired by the products of the brand and the surrounding moorlands, facade has been designed as an exterior layer that would contribute to the continuity of inner comfort conditions in the continental climate present in this geography. Besides the choices of plants; natural brick, a living and organic material, referred to the organic character of Empera carpets and the surrounding landscape.