Gree Flagship Store

2018, Istanbul

Client: TLC Klima Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Design: ZAAS

Program: Showroom & Office

Year: 2018

Size: 250 m2

Status: Built

Team: Ayça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı,  Nail Egemen Yerce, Zülfiye Yıldız

Contraction: Selay Yapı

Photography: Ayça Taylan

The task has been to design the new flagship store for Gree, one of world’s largest air conditioner companies, in Istanbul. The underlying concept of the architectural design focuses on creating an engaging display space as well as promoting the recognition of this world wide brand in Turkey. The design is shaped around two areas: the front area is planned to include client reception and sales, meeting room and air conditioner display space while the back area is planned to host the employee offices, seminar room and storage.  The circulation axis in the front area is highlighted by the use of different flooring materials.

The air conditioner display area is designed to accomodate the wall - mounted types and the stand up cylindrical floor conditioners, which have their distinct technology and design. Placing the models with a different design in the centre space, thus, creates an internal showcase. The technical properties of the wall-mounted type air conditioners are provided graphically on the black boards beneath them and additional information about the products are supplied on the tablets well integrated in the design.  By displaying the qualities and technical properties of the Gree products in this manner,  it is aimed to help customers find the air conditioner of their choice. 

The main display window of the store, designed around the theme of “Heating and Cooling for Everyone Everywhere”, is built around the abstraction of the air that is ‘heated’ and ‘cooled’ in a way to be noticed also by the cars rapidly passing by.  With the emphasis on the blending of the  blue-cold and red-warm color tones  and the reflection of this  on the store signborad, the main display window stands out from the rest of the building,  which is  architecturally nondescript. The use of a  bold, warm  color in the meeting room in contrast to the different tones of blue in other areas,  and the use of different materials like wood, metal and glass also  aim to reflect the idea of harmony betwen the cold and warm as displayed on the showroom window .