Hannover Kaplan Kardeşler Exhibition

2017, Hannover

Client: Kaplan Kardeşler & Empera Halı

Location: Hannover I Germany

Design: ZAAS & Yerce Mimarlık

Program: Exhibition

Year: 2016

Size: 800 m2

Status: Built

Team: Nail Egemen Yerce, Nail Egemen Yerce, Çağrı Okur, Barış ÇağlarAyça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı

Lighting Consultant: Lighting Lab.1 – Faruk Uyan

Construction: Polinorm

Photography: Yerce Art Photography - Emin Emrah Yerce


Two different and distinctive machine-woven carpet brands, ‘Kaplan Kardeşler’ and ‘Empera’ owned by the same employer, had a total stand area of 560 square meters with adjacent plots forming one, at the “Domotex” 2016 fair in Hannover. While one being the first founded and thus being a longer established brand, offered classical products focusing on the national market; the other being a younger brand offered more ‘fashionable’ products with a focus on the international market.

The aim was to catch a design language that would provide both brands the chance to express their own identity, while complementing each other’s values at the background.

Both stands were designed with an entrance area, the section where carpets were exhibited and an accompanying cafe. The entrance was to reflect the prestige that both brands held and the carpet exhibition section was to be significantly isolated than the chaos of the fair, giving the chance to focus on the exhibited products. Moreover, this more isolated section offered guests a café area where they would have the opportunity to relax and examine the carpets in more detail.