Stefany Gaziantep Showroom

2017, Gaziantep

Client: Stefany Home & Living

Location: Gaziantep I Turkey

Design: ZAAS & Yerce Mimarlık

Program: Showroom Design and Landscape Design

Year: 2017

Size: 600 m2

Status: Constructed

Team: Nail Egemen Yerce, Ayça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı, Çağrı Okur, Barış Çağlar

Lighting Consultant: Lighting Lab.1 - Faruk Uyan

Construction: Ece Yapı Tasarım, Cihan Eralp Yapı-Endüstri


Project was to design the showroom, guest receiving area and the outdoor spaces for Stefany, a young but bold firm in the machine-woven carpet market in Gaziantep.

The main unusual and daring decision in the design process was to plan the showroom inside Stefany’s factory, next to its administrative buildings. Instead of placing the showroom inside the administrative building with a standard floor height, planning it inside the factory enabled incorporating the generous, luminous space of an industrial area into the design of the showroom. Thanks to the zenithal light it receives and being more advantageous in volumetric terms, the showroom could offer different spatial experiences inside the prefabricated factory. In the meantime, a single layered transparent interface was created between the showroom where the products were to be displayed and the factory where the production would take place. In this way, while the guests would have a look at the products, they would also have the opportunity to perceive the work process at the background.  Rather than the routine set up where the production and exhibition are totally separated, the aim was to develop a relation and support between these two processes.

The carpet display units were custom designed for the project location and scope, not chosen from standard models. Central plan scheme was embraced after the decision of planning the display function of the products on the boundary walls and the guest receiving area in the central space. Making use of the height of the space, planning the upper surfaces of the display units to be used as well; guests would have the chance to obtain a birds-eye view of the carpets and evaluate them from above. The wall surfaces of these areas that totally see the space from above, were benefited as exhibition surfaces as well. 

Location choice, set up of the space, redesigning the infrastructure for the new context, different approaches to the showroom function adopted by the market, enabled the opportunity of transforming the existing showroom typology into a better developed and enhanced experience both for the employer and the viewer.