The Pebble


Natural Stone Design Competition

Program: Urban Intervention

Year: 2015

Status: Competition Project

Team: Nail Egemen Yerce, Zeynep Oba, Ayça Taylan, Zeynep Şankaynağı

Visualization: Atelier Zepil I Zeynep Oba

Pebble has been designed as a stop point in a public spot to relax and take a breath from the daily speed in the city. Sometimes to read a few lines and sometimes to lie down and enjoy the sun. Pebble has two types for sitting and lying down.

Depending on the size which it will be produced,  is made of marble plates with 2,3,4 cm thickness and the empty space (same as the chosen thickness of the marble) in between them. Marble plates get shaped in cnc counters based upon ergonomic sections for sitting and lying down and are connected through a metal pin which makes a whole of them. This whole sits on a metal plate with the same dimensions. With the hidden ligths in between the marble plates, Pebble becomes a visible urban sculpture at night time inviting people to use it.