2018, Hannover

Client: Stefany Home & Living

Location: Hannover I Germany

Design: ZAAS & Yerce Mimarlık

Program: Installation I Exhibition

Year: 2018

Size: 40 m2

Status: Built

Team:  Ayça Taylan, Nail Egemen Yerce, Zeynep Şankaynağı, İdil Yücel İnal, Alican İnal

Lighting Consultant: ON/OFF Lighting & Consultancy

Construction: Polinorm

Photography: Yerce Art Photography – Emin Emrah Yerce


Domotex, the leading trade fair for floor coverings, takes place every year, in the second week of january in Hannover, Germany and covers 100.000 squaremeters, hosting about 1600 exhibitors and 60.000 visitors in 4 days. The density of the exhibitions and crowds of visitors may visually and audially, bombard each visitor and block his/her perception.

In view of this situation encountered in almost every fair organization, the board of directors of Domotex, for the first time in 2017, reserved an area in the fair for participating firms to expand on their creative perspectives on what they are representing and marketing. The aim was to create a platform where firms could express and represent themselves in alternative ways without exhibiting their own products. To this end, twenty installations were selected from among many applications from different countries in the world. Set apart from the rest of the fair and positioned at a distance that would not interfere with each others’ impressions, these installations provided the visitors a space where they could take a physical and mental break.

“Zoom-In Carpet!” installation, the single project selected from Turkey to participate in this section of the fair, is designed for Stefany Home & Living, which is a carpet manufactoring company from Gaziantep, Turkey. This installation covers a zoomed-in section of a carpet woven in different colors. Visitors virtually shrinking down while walking around gigantic carpet yarns, are, in fact, invited to an epic trip inside a carpet. Thus they get the chance to look at it from an angle they have never seen before and experience it from ‘the inside’ getting the feel for the carpet. This involvement, enhanced by the shift in scale, offers dimensional surprises under different size, color, material and ligth effects. Through the reflective surfaces on the ground, wall and ceiling and the images that repeat themselves to infinity, visitors isolated from the rest of the fair, get the chance to look at themselves from another world.