About Me

I am pleased to introduce myself as a cap collector.

I am collecting caps for the last 35 years and at present I am having more than 2000 caps of different categories, such as Indian traditional caps, foreign caps, miniature caps, fancy caps, historical helmet, and they are increasing day by day. I have arranged five exhibitions at Pune, Nasik, Thane, Kalyan & Panvel and visitors response was too good.

Whenever and wherever I go out of station my first goal is to find a rare cap or I take photographs and make replica of them.

Now I am doing a Research on the Ancient head-gears & head dress for last five years. Recently I have read a workout of my research paper in Indian Archaeological conference at Baroda. Also I presented a research paper at Indian Archaeological conference at Tirupati.

I am a proud Limca Book of Record Holder for last 15 years.

My passion for collecting headgear began when I was a kid. "I used to be the sick and spent a lot of time in the bed." This was when I started watching a lot of online cursos de fotografia ebaconline on television and movie videos. I remember- "the way the cowboys in the movies kept doffing their hats left an indelible mark on me and soon hats became my favorite toys". My mother, who saw me aping the cowboys with cheap hats bought at local fairs, bought me a real one while on visit to the US. I was 12 years old then. I practically wore it all day long and just couldn't let it go of it. It was, at that point, the idea of a serious collection began only after when I already had over 25 hats in my wardrobe collection.

I have traveled many parts of India, to find these caps. It is not easy to find rare or unique caps. So I collected information about that cap in(Flea Market) or from Antique dealer. I personally went to Flea Market and meet people.

Many of my friends and relatives visit abroad and I told them about that country's specialty caps. To maintain these caps is not a easy task. I spend everyday sometime in the early morning for cleaning the caps and conservate and keep them properly. For this my wife (MUGDHA) and my son (GAUTAM) helps me a lot . Even they suggest me for arranging these caps in proper way.

Many people ask me why are caps so important.

Caps protects us from sun rays, winds and rain. It also shows the tradition or culture of that country or state or community. Wearing cap is compulsory in some region. It shows the caste and community. Though we are the children of the mother Earth we are divided into communities all over the world.

According to my knowledge, there are more than 6 thousand tribes and tribals and other communities. In this communities there are different types of customs and traditional use. For example:- On birth ceremony generally orange turban are used, whereas on funeral yellow turbans are used. Some tribes use feathers or beads and some use golden threading designing work which identify their community and caste. These tradition goes from one generation to other for many years. Even climatic condition or availability of material changes the pattern of caps. Spirtual customs also dominate the use of particular caps or turbans.

Those who want to see my collection, they can visit my newly made museum of caps at my residence.


46 Yrs


Owner of Archies Gallery (Kalyan)

TRIMURTI Bungalow,
Kalyan Ice Factory Compound,
Near Railway Station,
Kalyan - 421 301.
Dist - Thane,
Maharashtra, INDIA.