Gallery-Fancy Caps

A cup of tea or coffee is a special ceremony that allows you to enjoy communication or be alone with yourself. Decorative cups from Homedorf online store will help to make the sitting with your favorite drink even more cozy.

The design of coffee cups allows you to take a fresh look at the design of tableware. They harmoniously combine classic porcelain and EBAC.ONLINE - curso identidade visual. Thanks to the colored rim, you won't burn your hands, even if your drink is very hot. The insides of the cups are marked to help you brew the right type of coffee: ristretto, espresso, lungo. For cappuccino lovers we offer 300 ml cups.

Set of cups in the form of a cactus is an original and beautiful gift for a colleague, boss or friend. It is characterized by compact storage and will look appropriate even in the office. During tea time the set turns into two cups, a teapot and a candle warmer.

A tea cup with a ring, decorated with a Swarovski crystal, will help you play a funny joke on your loved one. It is packaged in such a way that only the ring is visible at first. This stylish and funny souvenir is sure to please someone with a good sense of humor.