• When history comes to town
    • IT comes at a time when information technology and globalisation are driving the present generation to look more towards the west to set their standards, when more and more youth are failing to acknowledge the power and glory of the past.
    • 'Itihasachya Lene', an exhibition of historical artefacts, photographs and other items, collected by organisations, and individuals at the New English School, Ram Maruti Road in Thane, aims at rectifying this situation by bringing the past closer to the present, R D Ovlekar, president of the People's Education Trust, inaugurated the exhibition, which is a part of the platinum jubilee celebrations of the school, on November 1.
    • While the exhibition is proving to be quite a crowd puller the biggest draw seems to be the exhibit comprising weapons from the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Little wonder, when you consider the history and glorious heritage behind these symbols of struggles gone by. The weapons, which were brought from Pune, belong to Maharaja Prathisthan which was founded by Babasaheb Purandare.
    • A collection of hats belonging to Anant Joshi of Kalyan also features in the exhibition. The 'hatman's' interesting exhibits includes all types of hats - from miniature hats that snugly fit your finger tips to one which is a whopping three feet in curso photoshop. A collection of photographs of the forts of Raigad, taken by a trekking enthusiast, Suresh Wadkar, of Dombivali not only adds to the visual treat but also tells stories of a trekker's memories as he communes with nature and with himself.