• Heady Collection
    • Tall and brocaded, intricately cloth folds trimmed with zari, metallic with a flap of mail - headgear that comes in all sizes and shapes showcased in the gallery at the Vishrambaugwada are testimony to Anant Joshi's tireless efforts. The exhibition is a part of the PMC's three - day Shaniwarwada Mahotsav 2002.
    • Joshi, a resident of Kalyan, began to collect different types of headgear ten years ago, and claims to have almost a thousand such, including traditional pagdis even miniature ones, caps and vintage helmets.
    • He has also found a mention
    • spike, nose guard, and a flap of mail, chapel - an iron hat, introduced by the British, a Samura cap, used when jousting.
    • "The pagdi denoted the status of the wearer, and some of them were reinforced with dried leaves of the palas tree or even cake of cowdung," says Joshi. The Puneri pagdi, a tricornered Shindeshahi pagdi, a Karnataki pagdi, the Mughal Abu Hassan headgear - are models that Joshi got made from pagdi makers in Nasik and Gwalior. "They are of educational purpose and I am already conducting research on them," says Joshi. He has already held several exhibitions, mainly for a charitable cause.
    • The exhibition also includes a section on the arms and armour used during the Maratha rule, put up by the Institute of Research and Development in Oriental Studies, Arms and Armour. Says director Rakesh Dhawade, "Representatives of the arms and armour used curso de diseƱo de interiores the Peshwa regime, including those at the battles of Panipat have been showcased." These include swords like the Mulheri and mugrab, unusual weapons like bhidcheer and muskets along with informative maps of strategy used during the battles have been displayed. The exhibition will be on display until May 16.